Zoom Spa Cup Pack Kakadu Plum

Spa Cup Pack Kakadu Plum



Our most simple but very versatile candle option, a larger version of a tea light candle, with each spa cup offering up to 12 hours burn time.

Our Spa Cup Candles have been designed to use in candle holders and are a perfect match for our Mosaic Candles as the stunning Mosaics can be reused as a candle holder.

RuSoy candles are all made with 100% natural soy wax, high quality phthalate free fragrance oils and a pure cotton wick that has an internal paper braid. The wicks are also lead and zinc free.


An amazing fruity fragrance that will boost your senses whilst filling the space around you with sheer joy. Kakadu Plum is a small fruit native to Australia, found growing wild extensively in woodland areas of the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

  • Spa Cup Packs 60+hours burn time


Disclaimer - Our Spa Cup Candles are designed to use inside a protective Candle holder, they are similar to a tealight Candle only slightly taller and wider.  We recommend burning the Spa Cups for no longer than 2-4 hours at a time, then extinguish, let the wax set, trim and relight.

If the Spa Cup Candles burn for too long a period they can become too hot and the wick may become too high causing the container to distort.

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