About Us

RuSoy is a husband and wife team based in beautiful Sydney Australia. We are a small and upcoming business that developed essentially from the desire to be creative and to create a journey that we could undertake together.

 RuSoy began in October 2016 when Ruth and Rob literally went from talking about their dreams to putting their dreams into action. It began with creating the name ‘RuSoy’, which Rob is very proud to say he created! 

As you may have already guessed the ‘Ru’ is from Ruth, the chandler or candle maker, and the ‘Soy’ is from Soy Wax, the foundation of our creations.  It is a simple name, but we love it!

We believe all of our candles offer simple luxury which will complement any home or occasion.  Each and every one of our RuSoy candles are lovingly hand poured, right here in Sydney.


If you are a local to Sydney's Northern Beaches you will find us most Sundays at the vibrant Manly Markets, on Sydney Road, where we are lucky enough to have a stall each week.


We would like to also take this opportunity to thank our amazing customers, family and friends who have supported our dream since we began back in 2016.

A big Thank you from

Ruth & Rob x