Back to Beautiful Bali!

Just as the school holidays came to an end and the kids rolled back to routine so did RuSoy, only this February, we took a little break and headed off to Bali!

For the first time in 3 years we (hubby and I) had an overseas holiday together and loved every minute.  Here are some of our highlights…

#1 Day Trip to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

Wow...have you been? if not please pop it on your list of places to visit next time you are in Bali.

I can't believe I waited so long to visit these two little islands off Bali, the ferry ride is no longer than 30 minutes, my stepbrother (who is Balinese) organised our trip for us, so it was super easy.  I will link his details below if you need some help and are planning a visit. His name is Nopi, and he is amazing.

We chose to hire a scooter and ride around on our own however, you can get a guided tour on scooters as well. You can also stay on either island (which I hope to do another time) as there is plenty to see and do.

I will mention though, that the only way to get around both these islands (from what I could see) is by scooter, bicycle, or walking.  If you are booked to stay, most hotels/villas will provide you with pick up transport, once you arrive by ferry.

There are lots of places to stay, lots of places to eat and drink and there are many places to just relax and swim.  

Mushroom Bay

As we pulled in to Mushroom Bay I knew I was in for a treat!



The Famous YELLOW bridge ( this has been on my bucket list for ages!)

Crossing this little bridge takes you from one stunning island to another in seconds!


COFFEE and Pancakes

We loved this little café/restaurant - SEA BREEZE.  It’s located on Nusa Ceningan. This place has some magical views with the most chilled out atmosphere.

 Blue Lagoon

The colours... I was mesmerised!

Dream Beach - love love love!

If you are visiting Bali and need some help organising day trips, Nopi is fabulous at answering any questions as he has been a tour guide for more than 10 years. Feel free to message him directly with any tour/trip enquiries.

nn_bali tours by Nopi Instagram

NN_ Bali Tours by Nopi Facebook


#2 Day Trip to Munduk.

I wanted to try and experience and visit a couple of places I had never been before - Munduk did not disappoint.

This charming mountain village offers peace and culture and leaves you feeling like life can really be simple if you want it to be.

If you would like to sit and experience a piece of paradise, check out Munduk Escape (link below)

Munduk Escape has the most beautiful scenery and the host has some of the best photography I have ever seen!


Check out Munduk Escape below for more details and for the best place to take your Instagram pictures!

Munduk Escape - Secret Garden


#3 Legian

So I know everyone loves Canggu and Seminyak and possibly Ubud too, but you know what I have to give Legian some credit because it may be the underdog but in my opinion it's still worth a visit!!

Here is a list of some Legian finds...

Warung Kampung Indonesian Restaurant - Jl. Melasti No.20, Legian

If you love to try authentic food, (warung style) we stumbled across a little Warung called Warung Kampung.  We didn't get sick (always a bonus) and the food was delicious, everything on the menu is pretty much under $3!!

Legian Beach Warung - Beach Warung 75V8+9C5, Legian 

 (Located near the Padma Resort)

This place offers the best sunsets, the best Nasi or Mie Gorgeng and my favourite watermelon and lemon Juices!!!

They have also just renovated this area and it looks amazing.

Right next door is Made's bar If you get a chance to sit there and enjoy a sunset say hi from me! and if you are after some beautiful sarongs or enjoy a massage or two then ask for Wilson or Helen, they are sisters and they are the kindest people I know!

Lemongrass Restaurant

LOVED this modern Thai restaurant - if you are in Legian this is worth a visit. Great food, I personally loved the Satay Chicken and the Sweet & Sour Chicken! 


I would love to keep going but you would be reading for days! 

Bali has a special place in my heart, I know you can either love it or hate it, I always say go with an open mind, there is something here for anyone and everyone x.

Thanks for reading.
Ruth x







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